Thinking Stories

Philip Cam

  • Philosophical Inquiry for Children, Books 1-3
  • Teachers Resource/Activity Book, 1-3

The first two books in this series contain a collection of illustrated stories from all over the world including the USA, Scotland, Germany, Canada, Taiwan and Australia. Each story has been chosen for its ability to promote children’s natural curiosity about issues such as friendship, multiculturalism, magic and make-believe, order in nature, and freedom and rights. The third book contains seven interconnected stories set in an urban Australian community. Illustrated and told in an easy-to-read style using a child narrator as the ‘voice’ of each incident, these stories explore issues such as friendship, racism, violence, justice, truth and lies, trust and respect. Each book has a teacher’s resource and activity book full of discussion plans and exercises to help create a ‘community of inquiry’ in the classroom.

(Hale & Iremonger)

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