FAPSA Executive & Council


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FAPSA Executive

Chair: Dr Laura D’Olimpio

Email: l.dolimpio@bham.ac.uk

Treasurer: Dr Alan Tapper

Email: alandtapper@gmail.com

Secretary: Mr Simon Kidd

Email: simon_kidd@iinet.net.au

Philosothon Representative & Webmaster: Matthew Wills

Email: matwills59@hotmail.com

FAPSA Council Representatives

Canberra Society of Philosophy for the Young (SOPHY)

Council Representative: Catherine Geraghty-Slavica

Philosophy in Schools Association of NSW

Council Representative: Associate Prof Philip Cam pacam@tpg.com.au

Queensland Association of Philosophy in Schools

Council Representative: Nathan Pickles

South Australian Philosophy in Education Association (SAPEA)

Council Representative:  Lorelei Siegloff

Association for Philosophy in Tasmanian Schools

Council Representative: Dr Tim Sprod

Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools (VAPS)

Council Representative: Dr Janette Poulton

Association for Philosophy in Schools (WA)

Council Representative:  Jon Lamotte

Philosophy for Children – New Zealand (P4CNZ)

Council Representative: Dr Vanya Kovach

                                       Association for Philosophy in Learning

Council Representative- Thomas Low

Hong Kong Association

Council Representative- CM Mak