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A working group has recently put together guidelines and resources for Level One training courses in Australasia. The following links provide all trainers and participants with useful information about what exactly is covered.

FAPSA Level 1 Requirements

FAPSA Level 1 Assessment

FAPSA Level 1 Feedback




2018 Student Critical Thinking Seminars 

Will be held in Canberra 27/7/2018 and Melbourne 25/7/2017.

Click here for details about the Melbourne Students Seminar

Click here for details about the Students Canberra Seminar

About the Teachers Seminars
Following on from last years workshops we are offering an intermediate level workshop for teachers in critical thinking. One of the most fundamental thinking skills that students can develop is the ability to recognise a proper argument and to distinguish this from
counterfeit versions. Formal and informal fallacies, explanations and a convoluted series of propositions can all easily be mistaken for good arguments. Here we will explore creative and innovative ways to help students distinguish good and bad arguments. We will also explore collaborative and creative ways to help students recognise different types of good reasoning such as inductive and deductive reasoning.

Please note; It is not required that delegates have participated in last years seminar.

This Critical Thinking seminar will:

  • provide a framework for introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of reasoning.
  • provide teachers with practical ways of helping students recognise the structure of arguments.
  • improve academic results through the development of critical thinking skills.
  • demonstrate new concept clarification exercises.
  • give teachers ways to help students distinguish good reasoning from impoverished reasoning.
  • Explain how students can evaluate arguments.
  • Outline important formal and informal fallacies.
  • Provide methodologies and resources to enable your students to argue respectfully, collaboratively and creatively.

Seminar Locations

•        Darwin- Friday- 14 Sept – Dept Education

•        Perth –  Thursday 1st Nov – MLC

•        Adelaide- Mon 5th Nov – Scotch College

•        Canberra- Wed. 7th Nov- Merici College

•        Melbourne- Thur 8th Nov- Ruyton

•        Sydney- Fri- 9th Nov- Meriden

•        Townsville-Mon 12th Nov St Patrick’s College

•        Brisbane- Tuesday 13th Nov   – Hillbrook

•        Gold Coast- Wed 14th Nov – To be confirmed

•        Hobart- Mon 19th Nov- To be confirmed

•        Auckland- Wed 21st Nov- Baradene School

•        Christchurch- Thurs 22nd Nov-St Andrews  College

Click here for more information and to register

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