Wondering aloud: Philosophy with young people is a blog written by Jana Mohr Lone, the director of the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children at the University of Washington in Seattle, U.S.A. The blog includes posts about some of Jana’s philosophy classes with school students, thoughts about doing philosophy with young people, and ideas for how to introduce philosophy in K-12 classrooms.

The Education to Empower blog is maintained by an education nonprofit organisation aiming to cultivate innovative programs to provide youth with the confidence and skills to become active participants in civic life. Its flagship effort is the Young Philosopher’s Program, providing educators of all stripes the tools and support they need to teach philosophy. Daniel Pozmanter, Executive Director of Education to Empower, filmed interviews with teachers and students in California and Washington DC who had been involved in doing philosophy.

Talking Philosophy has categories on philosophy for kids and on critical thinking, among other topics. Talking Philosophy is the blog of TPM: The Philosophers’ Magazine. Julian Baggini, James Garvey, Mike LaBossiere, Jeff Mason, Jeremy Stangroom and Andy Walsh blog here.

The Philosophy Shop’s blog is maintained by the Philosophy Shop, a community interest company that teaches philosophy in schools and in the community.

Can an effective, worthwhile, and legitimate philosophy curriculum can be established at the high school level? Can a philosopher can make a credible, scholarly career out of teaching high school philosophy? In this post from the philosophy teaching blog In Socrates’ Wake, Jason Nicholson presents his research findings in response to these questions, and argues that teaching high school philosophy should be taken more seriously by professional philosophers.

One more question… is a blog by P4C practitioner Steve Bramall.