A Philosothon is an event that applies the Community of Inquiry model in an extramural competition framework. Participant schools nominate a team of students. This team then receives stimulus material of a philosophical nature in advance of the event. Students then develop questions to submit for consideration in the competition setting. In the process of preparation it is expected that students have the opportunity to develop skills in inquiry-based learning, ethical reasoning and higher-order thinking.

On the day of the Philosothon event students compete in Community of Inquiry circles, also known as Socratic Seminars. There are usually several rounds where students are judged and accrue points against a set criteria. At the Philosothon competition it is intended that students have anopportunity to develop meaning through dialogue in collaboration with the other participating students. The Community. Philosothons aim to promote a sense of community by developing a shared understanding of values and purposes in a spirit of cooperation.