Chill Out

Chill Out!

Written and produced in collaboration between the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, South Australia Department of Education and Children’s Services, Australian Institute of Criminology, Australian Broadcasting Commission and Office of Film and Literature Classification as a Garth Boomer Scholarship project.

Chill Out! is a multimedia resource which draws upon segments from the ‘Lift Off’ series to explore a range of social issues. It has been designed for students from P/K to Year 4. Within each unit, teachers can select from a range of options which they feel are a logical sequence of activities and requirements for their class or individual students. As a cross-curricula resource, it will enable teachers to extend and incorporate exploration of social skills into the curriculum areas of English, SOSE and HPE. Chill Out! consists of Teacher’s Guide, Video (DVD) anthology and online component (Topic 4).

(Australian Children’s Television Foundation)

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