FAPSA 2021 MasterClass Webinar Series

Join us for a series of outstanding seminars by experienced Philosophy Educators. 

These Masterclasses offer deep insights into P4C Practice and Philosophical Inquiry.

Each session is 2 hours of rich content that you can apply to your teaching practice.

$60 AUD for the 2 hours
** FAPSA Affiliate Members Only Pay $10 AUD **
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All Atttendees recieve a certificate showing hours of professional learning
as well as the AITSL Standards met by the session.

Every workshop will be recorded and accessable after the session to those who book a ticket.

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23rd Feb

Dr. Vanya Kovach (NZ)

Getting more from Concept Exploration Activities

9th Mar

Dr. Tim Sprod (Tasmania)

Community of Inquiry in the Learning Areas (especially Science)

18th May

Prof. Laurance Splitter (Vic)

Clarifying the connection between philosophy and Community of Inquiry

8th Jun

Lorelei Siegloff (SA)

The Talker’s Toolkit: A New Resource for Classroom Dialogue

10th Aug

Hadden Finucane-Gelai & Ben Reeves (Vic)

Teaching Philosophy with Games

31st Aug

CM Mak and Team (Hong Kong)

A Review of the 3 Years Philosophical Inquiry journey in a secondary school in Hong Kong

16th Nov

Dr. Janette Poulton, Ben Reeves & Vanessa Hodgkiss (Vic)

Introducing IB teachers to the Community Of Inquiry pedagogy

7th Dec

Dr. Britta Jensen & Greg Henshaw (NSW)

Assessment of Community Of Inquiry in the secondary classroom