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The Journal for Philosophy in Schools (JPS) is the official journal of The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA). The focus of the journal is research into philosophy with school-aged children (K-12). What was once called Philosophy with Children has developed into a sub-discipline of philosophy with its own history, traditions and pedagogy and incorporates philosophical inquiry in the classroom, reflective education and Socratic dialogue through the use of the Community of Inquiry (CoI) methodology. The journal focuses on academic research articles into the pedagogy and practice of philosophy in schools. The journal also reviews new books on philosophy in schools along with new teacher resources for philosophy in schools.

Volume 3 No 1 (2016) of the Journal of Philosophy in Schools is available here:

Andrew Peterson, Laura D’Olimpio
A philosophical approach to moral education
Philip Cam
Enabling identity: The challenge of presenting the silenced voices of repressed groups in philosophic communities of inquiry
Arie Kizel
Philosophy for children with learners of English as a foreign language
Shiauping Tian, Pei-Fen Liao
Philosophy goes to school in Australia: A history 1982-2016
Gilbert Burgh, Simone Thornton
Cultural DeCoding: A humanities program for gifted and talented high school students seeking university entrance
Laura D’Olimpio, Angela McCarthy, Annette Pedersen
Book review – Philosophy in schools: An introduction for philosophers and teachers
Laura D’Olimpio

Volume 2 No 2 (2015) of the Journal of Philosophy in Schools is available here:

Andrew Peterson, Laura D’Olimpio
Socrates in the schools: Gains at three-year follow-up
Frank Fair, Lory E Haas, Carol Gardosik, Daphne Johnson, Debra Price, Olena Leipnik
Open thinking, closed questioning: Two kinds of open and closed question
Peter Worley
Implementing P4C in the primary classroom: Some fuzzy predictions
Nicola O’Riordan
Exploring the connections between Philosophy for Children and character education: Some implications for moral education?
Andrew Peterson, Brendan Bentley
Philosophy for Children and the ‘whole child’
Winifred Lamb
Book review – Identity and personhood: Confusions and clarifications across disciplines
Laura D’Olimpio

Volume 2 No 1 (2015) of the Journal of Philosophy in Schools is available here:

Andrew Peterson, Laura D’Olimpio
Practicing philosophy of childhood: Teaching in the (r)evolutionary mode
David Kennedy
Socrates in the schools from Scotland to Texas: Replicating a study on the effects of a Philosophy for Children program
Frank Fair, Lory E Haas, Carol Gardosik, Daphne D Johnson, Debra P Price, Olena Leipnik
Deep Ecology as a framework for student eco-philosophical thinking
William Smith, Annette Gough
Kung Fu as critical thinking: An ethnographic analysis
Olivier Habimana, Amy Stambach
Commentary on ‘Inquiry is no mere conversation’
Susan T Gardner
Book review – Philosophy park: A beginner’s guide to great philosophers and their ideas
Andrew Peterson

Volume 1 No 1 (2014) of the Journal of Philosophy in Schools is available here:

Andrew Peterson, Laura D’Olimpio
The Educational Role of Philosophy (with a new commentary by Phillip Cam)
Mat Lipman
The Other Dimension of Caring Thinking (with a new commentary by Phillip Cam)
Ann Margaret Sharp
Democratic Pedagogy
Gilbert Burgh
Coping With Global Change: The Need for New Values
Peter Singer
Fact, Value and Philosophy Education
Philip Cam
A Handy Account of Philosophy in Schools
Clinton Golding
Preparing Teachers to ‘Teach’ Philosophy for Children
Laurance J Splitter
Philosophy in Schools: Then and Now
Megan J Laverty
Teaching Children to Think for Themselves: From Questioning to Dialogue
Felicity Haynes
Philosophy and Childhood
Tim Sprod

Call for Papers: We welcome research papers on philosophy in the schools including educational pedagogy and reflections on teaching philosophy in classrooms (ages K-12). The aim of the journal is to encourage academic reflection and research into the growing field of philosophy in schools with the intention of making such information widely available through the use of an open-access format. Please email all submissions or queries to the Editors, Prof Andrew Peterson and Dr Laura D’Olimpio.

Style: Please see the website for Author Guidelines:

The journal will published twice annually.

Please contact the editors if you have any further questions:

Professor Andrew Peterson (

Dr Laura D’Olimpio (

JPS Website:


Twitter: @JournalP4C

Editorial Board:

Professor Gert Biesta, Brunel University, United Kingdom

Dr Gilbert Burgh, The University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Philip Cam, University of New South Wales, Australia

Dr Clinton Golding, University of Otago, New Zealand

Professor Maughn Gregory, Montclair State University, USA

Professor Michael Hand, University of Birmingham, England

Dr Felicity Haynes, The University of Western Australia, Australia

Associate Professor Joanna Haynes, Plymouth University, England

Dr Britta Jensen, Marist College, North Sydney, Australia

Dr Ho Wah Kam, Singapore Teacher’s Union, Singapore

Ms Kate Kennedy White, Kinder Philosophy, Australia

Dr Vanya Kovach, University of Auckland / Philosophy for Children New Zealand

Dr Sandra Lynch, University of Notre Dame, Australia

Associate Professor Karin Murris, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Professor Stephan Millett, Curtin University, Australia

Mr Martyn Mills-Bayne, University of South Australia, Australia

Professor Laurance J Splitter, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

Dr Tim Sprod, University of Tasmania, Australia, Australia

Dr Alan Tapper, Curtin University, Western Australia, Australia

Professor Rob Wilson, University of Alberta, Canada

Electronic versions of issues of Critical & Creative Thinking are available as PDFs for password-protected download by FAPSA members. Members please use the drop down menu under “Journal” to access the archives. To attain a password please contact FAPSA. Limited stocks of some back issues are available for purchase. You can download a copy of the order form here.

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