The Council

Current Executive

Every 2 years the Council elects four of its members to act as the executive. The executive undertake the day to day running of the Association.


Chair: Lorelei Siegloff (SAPEA)

Deputy Chair: Thomas Low (APiL)

Treasurer: Dan Smith (PiNS)

Secretary: Janette Poulton (VAPS)

Council Representatives

Each Regional Affiliate provides a member of the Council.

These FAPSA-Affiliated Associations are non-profit organisations dedicated to promoting and supporting philosophy in schools in their state, territory or regional area.

The Associations respond to local needs, providing services such as professional development for teachers, events of interest to the philosophy in schools community, teachers’ network meetings and relevant teaching resources.

Each Association is volunteer-driven and funded by membership subscriptions. Membership is open to educational institutions, teachers, students, academics, parents and interested citizens. Please contact your local Association directly if you wish to become a member.


Canberra Society of Philosophy for the Young (SOPHY)

Council Representative: Catherine Geraghty-Slavica




Hong Kong Uni Graduates Association Education Foundation

Council Representative- CM Mak




Philosophy in Schools Association of NSW (PiNS)

Council Representative: Sandy Lynch




Philosophy for Children – New Zealand (P4CNZ)

Council Representative: Dr Vanya Kovach




Philosophy in Schools in Queensland

Council Representative: Nathan Pickles




SA Philosophy in Education Association (SAPEA)

Council Representative:  Lorelei Siegloff



Singapore Association for Philosophy in Learning

Council Representative- Thomas Low




Philosophy in Schools in Tasmania

Council Representative: Dr Tim Sprod




Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools

Council Representative: Dr. Janette Poulton