Australasian Philosothon

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In July 2011 Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA) decided to host the first Australasian Philosothon at Cranbrook School. Each Australian state sent three teams (those schools that won the 2010 Philosothon in their state) and so twelve schools in total arrived in Sydney to participate in the inaugural event. The three days consisted of speakers, games and Communities of Inquiries. University academics awarded points to students on the basis of their ability to construct an argument collaboratively on interesting philosophical and ethical issues. Encouragement awards were sponsored by the Australasian Association of Philosophy. ABC’s Radio National produced a programme about this event and to listen to the “The Philosopher’s Zone” broadcast on Radio National from 3rd September 2011, please click on the link below: “The Philosopher’s Zone” broadcast on Radio National on 3rd September 2011. More information about the FAPSA Australasian Philosothon can be found on the following website: Australasian Philosothons have been held every year in a different capital city. Click here for further details about the 2018 FAPSA Australasian Philosothon.

Participating in the FAPSA Australasian Philosothon: Invitations to participate in the FAPSA Australasian Philosothon are sent to the winning schools from each regional Philosothon conducted in the preceding year in proportion to the number of schools participating in each Philosothon. If there are 8-12 schools participating in a Philosothon, then FAPSA will invite the top school from that Philosothon. If there are 13-24 schools participating in the Philosothon, then FAPSA will invite the top two schools. If there are 25-35 schools involved in the Philosothon, then FAPSA will invite the top three schools. FAPSA might also invite individual schools where there is no local Philosothon. Please contact us if your school would like to host. Hosting an Australasian Philosothon will give your school automatic entry.

REPORT Download a report on the success of the 2011 Australasian Philosothon here.

RESOURCES: Resources are available on the Philosothon website.   ENQUIRIES: If you have any general enquiries regarding running or participating in a Philosothon, please email Matthew Wills.