Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools (VAPS)

Contact Information

Email: VAPS

Phone: +61 3 9410 9469
Mobile: 0425 70 7968

Postal Address:
PO Box 287,
Northcote Victoria 3070

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Committee Members

Chair: Tristan Hill (Email)
Secretary: Bonnie Zuidland (Email)
Treasurer: Josh Coller (Email)
Deputy-Chair: Dr Laurence Splitter (Email)
Education and Innovations Officer: Dr Janette Poulton (Email)
Webmaster: Julian Lowndes (Email)
Membership Officer: Josh Coller (Email as above)
Social Media Coordinator: Tristan Hill (Email as above)
VCE Network Coordinators: Tristan Hill and Bonnie Zuidland (Email as above)
Tertiary Sector Liason Officer: Dr Harry Galatis (Email)
Newsletter Editor: Audrey Rizzato (Email)
FAPSA Representative: Dr Janette Poulton (Email as above)
General Committee Members
Emmanuel Skoutas, Fiona Wheeler, Debbie Michels