The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA) is a professional not-for-profit community of educators committed to bringing philsophy to schools. Members are drawn from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Aims and objectives of FAPSA

The aims of FAPSA are to assist its Associates to develop and promote philosophy in schools, in order to encourage the practice of independent skills in reasoning, and in thinking reflectively, critically, and creatively to think effectively and make sound judgments.

The Federation’s objectives are to promote collaborative, inquiry-based learning through philosophy in classroom and to seek support and approval for philosophy in schools from all institutions operating in the field of education, with particular emphasis on matters of national and international interest. To achieve these objectives FAPSA provides professional development and training and continuing support for teachers. It also supports its Associates in pursuing these objectives by liaising with its Associates through the establishment of a network by organising meetings, online discussion forums, and conferences in Australasia, and by supporting their activities at any national or international forum to facilitate the exchange of information.

The Federation recognises the importance of:

  • identifying places for philosophy within the school curriculum,
  • developing suitable classroom resources,
  • publishing articles in journals and other fora,
  • as well as books,
  • and maintaining research in the theory and practice of philosophy in schools.