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Teaching Ethics in Schools

Philip Cam, ACER Press, 2012

Teaching Ethics in Schools provides a fresh approach to to moral education based on reflection and collaborative enquiry. It demonstrates how an ethics-based model can stimulate ethical enquiry, influence habits of mind  and encourage students to develop good moral judgement. The book draws on the history of philosophy in succinct terms and relates this to contemporary school contexts, while including an array of activities, exercises and discussion points as stimuli for teachers to adapt and apply across diverse subject areas, throughout all stages of school.

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Sophia’s Question & Teacher Resource Book

Philip Cam (Hale & Iremonger, 2011) Sophia’s Question is a philosophical novel that is a stimulus for thought on topics such as freedom, fairness, and friendship—topics which are supplemented by accessible introductions to intellectual tools such as open questions, good reasons, careful distinctions and proficient reasoning—all woven into the fabric of the novel to support deep and careful examination of the issues and ideas that arise. There is a separate Teacher Resource Bookthat helps teachers to develop an inquiring classroom community, in which students use questioning, justification, conceptual exploration and reasoning to explore these issues and ideas together.

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